gogogirlsGoGo Dancing

We provide go-go performance acts, mixing choreographed dance routines and freestyle go-go dancing on stage. Themed Costumes available. Best way to get your crowd pumped and dancing is for them to see professional performers leading them through the beats. Perfect ice breaker for dancing.

LED Performances

Performers use a variety of props such as hoops, poi, pixel whips, and more to light up the night and entrance viewers. Great for club settings.

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Roaming Character Performances

This involves dancers and actors interacting with your audience in character, tailored to the theme and vibe of your event. By adding the element of crowd interaction, it will give your party or event a VIP feel, and create amazing photo opportunities for your guests.

Fire Performance


Add this to your show for a shocking appeal to your crowd, leaving a night to remember. We are fully insured and able to perform at any outdoor event, indoor events will need fire marshall approval. We can do ambient performing to music provided, or choreographed pieces with themes.

Rates & Booking

All rates depend on specific event details. Contact us for a quote.

*Prices can be negotiable as long as we feel it is a fair exchange for services rendered. Prices reflect costume budget, transportation, and other various expenses necessary for production. Travel Expenses cover gas and hotel if event is 90+ miles away from Ventura, CA

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if you would like to book us for your next event.